Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can you hear me now????....Good

For my first multimedia story of the semester I plan to discuss hearing damage among ipod users specifically young adults.

My Attack
*I plan to use the Human Interest feature story approach.

*I plan to get information in the form of teen ipod users interviews(student/teen with hearing damage, students who listen ipods/mp3's frequently) as well expert interviews on the dangers and ways to avoid hearing loss and damage. (Ex. docotors, audiology professors.)

*I also plan to use statistics to help paint a better picture of the issue.

Image Possibilities
*Teen getting a hearing exam
*Teen listing to music with the volume up
*Teen listening to music with large head phones
*Teen pushing an earbud in ear further


jatwater said...

Hi Charnay,
good luck finding someone who has had hearing damage. I think that will really make your story work.

Elena Smithson said...

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