Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ruckus Goes Down!!!!

Ruckus, the well known university music download website will no longer operate. According to Techcrunch, as of February 5, 2009, Ruckus has apparently closed it's doors. For those of you not familiar with ruckus it is an online music service geared towards universities which allowed students to stream an unlimited amount of music. Ruckus became a phenomeon because it eventually opened to all students with an accepted university email address (typically .edu). This is a major blow for college students, like me, who do not want to pay hundreds of dollars for songs, but also want to download legally.

Jason Kincaid, the author, does an Ok job at explaining what happened in the process of ruckus' website termination, however he leaves us readers wondering why???? We really don't know why the number one music download source for college students went under, we just know how. Kincaid goes into detail about how the owners of Ruckus, Total Music, attempted to get backing from social networks like facebook and Warner, but doesn't explain on what those rejections had to do with the closure, especially when the website had been successful for over 8 years. Could it have been financial issues? poor advertisement? We just don't know. All we can do is ask what's next for college music lovers.

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