Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tigers Accept "REJECTS"

This year's big decision for the headlining band for Towson's annual Spring music festival has every one buzzing. The campus acitivity board(CAB) recently announced that The All American Rejects, will be featured in this year's festivities. The All-American Rejects are an American rock band from Stillwater, Ok, formed in 2001. The band comprises lead vocalist and bass guitarist Tyson Ritter, guitarists and vocalists Nick Wheeler and Mike Kennerty, with drummer Chris Gaylor.The The decision was determined by the results of a school-wide survey in which students chose from award winning artist like Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne, and the list went on.

" I couldn't wait for Tigerfest last spring because The Roots were playing," said sophomore Jazmine White "I was waiting for that from the start of the semester."

From what I'm hearing around campus some student's aren't so hyped about the performance decision. "I mean I listen to rock music, but why the All American Rejects?", says freshman Lanita Roberson, "I personally won't be there because I was hoping for some better and I'm not a big rejects fan."

According to CAB, the famous rock band will bring will be bringing two of their own opening actswhich have yet to be announced. The event will go down on April 25 on Burdick Field. Stay tuned for more information and more reactions as we countdown to the big day......

Wanna hear what the All American Rejects sound like??? Check out this video of their latest single, Gives you Hell.


Tam said...

I love the headline, very creative. Good beat.

Brittany's Blog said...

The headline really caught my attention and urged me to read more. I was a clever touch. I think this was a good topic to cover since Tigerfest is one of the University's largest sponsored events. Perhaps, a link or a picture cold be incorporated but, overall well done!

Daniel J. Gross said...

The video didn't load for me, I wonder if that's an issue. Good post though, I enjoyed the topic and writing style. Could have included a professional interview.

Elena Smithson said...

The title really captured my attention and advised me to learn more. I was a brilliant contact. I think this was a good subject to protect since Tigerfest is one of the University's biggest subsidized activities. Perhaps, a web weblink or a photo cool be integrated but, overall well done!

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