Monday, September 22, 2008

Twitter-Tweet Tweet SWEET!!!

Twitter.Com- The Internet’s newest phenomenon is letting citizen journalism reach higher heights. Here “Websters” and Internet fiends can continuously update their personal statuses letting the public know their every action, thought, and whereabouts. So why is this site so addictive you ask? I think it’s because of its convenience. Users can access twitter virtually anywhere when using its cell phone feature. It has become the newest and coolest source of news.

My Experience

*I am very new to twitter however, it was surprisingly easy to get a feel of how users write effective news statuses.I feel the following clearly explain at least two of 3 5ws and 1h which is the who, what, when, where and how of the story. It gives you a clear understanding of what the story is about while also giving you a link to the full story.

Towson loses to Richmond while away 45-14 after many missed opportunities. -(Who, What and how) –Blake Musicboy232

“Towson fumbles a victory in a turnover battle allowing Richmond to take advantage of Tigers miscalculated plays. (Who, what, when, how)-Brian Bwrig5

“The hiring freeze is due to budget cuts. At Towson, hiring freezes applies to all faculty and staff positions., what, where, how)- Amber akowens

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jatwater said...

So, have you started twittering for fun?
Good job keeping your posts short, concise and readable!