Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Put Your Best Foot 4ward!!!!

What is the main tool that professional writers use to keep readers engaged in theirs newstories? Inverted Pyramids are very popular among writers to keep readers reading.The inverted pyramid consist of three portions. At the very top of the pyramid ,or the beginning of the story, are the leads that answer the 5w's and/or the 1 h. The next portion down are interesting facts or colorful details found in the body of the story. The last portion consist of the least important information found at the end of the story.

The following are examples of inverted pyramid found in the Baltimore Sun. This article gives a very informational lead, colorful details in the body, and little details at the end.

Woman, hit by falling tree outside condominium

lead-"A woman was killed yesterday afternoon when she was struck by a falling tree while emptying trash outside a Pikesville condominium, said a spokeswoman for the county Fire Department."

body info-"Armacost said someone called 911 and that firefighters from the Pikesville station arrived a few minutes later and removed the woman from beneath the tree. An ambulance crew pronounced her dead at the scene."
least impt.info- Armacost said that police were investigating the woman's death

Link to the full story: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/local/baltimore_county/bal-tree0930,0,4194652.story

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