Monday, September 8, 2008

Blog #2

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After looking at a few outstanding portfolios I chose Meranda Watling. Also, after getting a jest of Watling's style of writing I learned that she focuses on education and devotes her time to blogging and reporting. For instance, in Watling's article "School Immigrants Adapt Over Time", you get a feel of her true, honest, and consistent writing because she speaks about how foreign students adjust to American schools. Like wise, most of her articles deal with education with topics such as, "One School four Generations", "Students now cautious about the internet", etc. Her portfolio brings me to the conclusion that she uses traditional equipment in her journalism kit. I believe she carries an audio recorder, pen, notepad, digital camera and laptop. I think that this traditional style kit helps Watling to remain true to the topics in which she focuses on.

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