Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Finding the Perfect Shot

Photo of the Towson University Tiger on the campuses main front lawn

Headshot of Amber Owens on the Towson University campus

Fall snapshots takeng on the campus of Towson University's in the Glen Woods

Getting a Better photo: There are many different great ideas to snapping a better photo with your camera. Some of the of the techniques I just learned helped me to look at what what I see in my viewfinder totally different than before. One of the many techniques is framing, which allows the photographer to use an scenery or another element as a frame around the object of your picture. Framing gives the picture another interesting addition to the photo. Another technique is perspective. You can explore your surroundings and take multiple shots from various angles. Look for focus points that capitalize on the best available light. Also,shoot from far away, get close, even closer, lie on the ground, use a ladder, hold the camera above your head, tilt it at crazy angles. These are just some of the tools that helped me take a better photo. Now get out there and try it for yourself!!

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