Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Going Green

For my next multimedia story I will be covering Towson University's effort to "go green". This story will focus on the enviromentally friendly action in which students and faculty have initiated which are trayless tuesday and the reusuable mug program.

Background Information-The university is working to reduce its impact on the environment by adopting new processes that decrease energy consumption and implementing new technologies that make more efficient use of energy.There are many campus organizations such as, Students for Environmental Awareness, Towson Campus Greens, Towson Energy Activists/Conservationists etc.

*The Glen Marketplace and Newell Dining Hall go trayless every Tuesday to reduce food waste, decrease the energy and water used to clean trays, and encourage healthier eating habits.

*Launched this fall, Towson University's reusable mug program enables students, faculty and staff to receive a discount on all drinks purchased in a 20oz. insulated Go Green mug, which is available at Brick Street Cafe, Arts Cafe, The Den, Fresh TRAX and Paws Cafe for $6.99. Refills with the Go Green mugs are $1.09 for fountain beverages, tea and coffee. Trade in your personal reusable mug and become part of the Go Green mug program, mugs sold at a discounted price of $3.99.

Possible Interview Questions:
Reaction to trayless tuesday/mug program?
Do they think its a good idea/bad idea?

Staff or faculty that initiated program:
How did you come up with the idea?
Is the reusuable mug/trayless progam is successful?

Possible Photos:

Pictures of students on Tuesday w/o trays in Glen

Picture of a student with a go green mug

Possible Audio:
Students talking about one of the programs
Professional enviromental worker speaking about Towson's efforts to go green.(programs)

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